Tiki Drinks

Tiki drinksTiki drinks are generally made from a combination of Rum, a sweeter liqueur and some time of tropical juice. The varieties are endless (and sometimes rather strong).

Rum, a fermented bi-product of sugar production, was cheap, and you could easily mix it with other things. This made it very popular with bartenders. These fun flavorful drinks could pack a powerful punch. People loved the flavors! It was like a trip to the South Seas in a glass.

Tiki Bars often served these exotic drinks in special Tiki Glasses or Mugs. Some bars even let you take the glass home as a souvenir! (Got any of those? Hang on to them!)

Drinks were also garnished elaborately with colorful paper umbrellas, tropical fruits, and sometimes even flame. The Scorpion was and is a favorite in Tiki Bars, as it is often served in a bowl (or large sea shell) with multiple straws, then set on fire!

Other Tiki drinks include- Mai Tai, Zombie, Banana Cow, Blue Hawaiian, Black Widow, Daiquiri Cocktail, Navy Grog, Planters Punch, the Tiki Bowl, Tonga Punch, and the Singapore Sling.

Tiki Drinks – What is your favorite? Comment below and give us the low down!