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Foundation Tiki Bar Milwaukee

Foundation Tiki Bar MilwaukeeOnly in Milwaukee can you walk into a Tiki bar wearing a dirndl, and no one bats an eye. My guy and I were in Wisconsin, where we spent the day at GermanFest drinking beer and visiting with friends, and needed rum to cap off the day. The Foundation Tiki Bar, Milwaukee ended up being everything we love in a Tiki Bar! Fabulous atmosphere, tasty drinks, a knowledgeable bartender, cool mugs and a great crowd.

Foundation Tiki Bar, Milwaukee

The Foundation Tiki bar didn’t look that far from the fest grounds, but I’ve never been in Milwaukee before, and we were totally at the mercy of our Uber driver… When she started driving us down a residential street, I got a bit nervous. Then we we arrived. Huh… this is it? From the outside… House.

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But then you step inside… and it’s magical.

Take a look at this–> Inside the Foundation Tiki Bar

Foundation Tiki Bar MilwaukeeDimly lit by Tapa cloth lamps and colorful fishing net floats, the Foundation Bar is absolutely enchanting. The space itself is longish and narrow. The well stocked bar runs down around 1/3 of the left side of the room. High tables and bar stools make up the front seating area… and in the back there is a bigger “family style” booth. I was also intrigued to see a Ladies only room… curtained off by strings of beads.

Tikis, masks, paintings and photos, puffer fish made from coconuts, fishing nets, starfish, funky woven monkeys, wooden boats and tiki-style carvings covered the walls and ceilings. Every post was carved into a sort of Tiki Totem Pole. The bar shelves were worked with Polynesian style carvings. There was even a fish tank! My head was on a swivel trying to take it all in. There was SOOOO much to look at.

Foundation Bar Drink Menu

Foundation Tiki Bar MilwaukeeBut, we weren’t just there to stare at the walls… after a day of beer, sausage and polka music, we needed to be swept off to a South Sea Island, or at the very least, have a tropical drink with a fair amount of rum in it. The menu at Foundation Tiki Bar is fairly complete with all the classics like a 1944 Trader Vic’s Mai Tai, Fog Cutter and Scorpion Bowl. And we were in Tiki Heaven when we found out that we could order a few special drinks in mugs… and take the mugs home.(And the prices! WOW! I could get into some serious trouble here).

The Pirate’s Grog and the Royal Hawaiian (shades of my 1977 vacation) were not only delicious, they came in groovy containers! The big surprise was the  Polynesian… I’m not normally a Gin drinker, but for this refreshing potion, I was happy to make the exception. (Oddly enough, the top selling drink in the place… at least while we were sitting there… seems to be a Blue Hawaiian… Again, shades of 1977..) The bar also carries a nice selection of Rums…so if you are a purist, you are in luck!

Foundation Tiki Bar Milwaukee

Our Bartender knew his craft, so when you order a your drink, you can be assured that it will be a good one. Plus he’s got some good stories to tell…so if you don’t want to hide in a corner, pull up a stool at the bar! If nothing else, you can watch the fishies swimming in their tank, and imagine you are underwater.

The music is a mix of exotica and surf music… kept at just the right level for conversation. I can see why locals would enjoy this place so much. It’s like a private home Tiki Bar. Drop in, have a drink and a conversation, enjoy the music…. perfect!

Foundation Tiki Bar Milwaukee
Our Haul…We came home with a box of mugs and glasses (did we really drink THAT MUCH? … apparently)

While Wisconsin might not jump into your mind as a Tiki Destination… I firmly believe that the Foundation Tiki Bar belongs on any Tiki Road trip. (Even if you are wearing a Dirndl…)

The Shameful Tiki Room, Vancouver

shameful Tiki Vancouver
Logo- Shameful Tiki Room Vancouver

Turns out, the quickest way to get newbies excited about Tiki is FLAMES! If you order a bowl of alcohol, and it arrives at the table ON FIRE! you are sure to make a Tiki-convert. Last week, while on a family trip, I visited the Shameful Tiki Room, Vancouver. And because Tiki is best appreciated with company, my 20 something niece and my newly minted 21 year old son joined me (as did my 13 year old daughter… apparently, kids can go into bars until 8pm in Canada… good to know when you need a designated driver).

Admittedly, I was worried. The family has always looked at my Tiki appreciation as a mild eccentricity, like a stamp collection or an obsession with moths. Luckily, we were all in for a treat. The Shameful Tiki Room was everything a Tiki-phile could want… and more.

Shameful Tiki Vancouver

Hidden in plain site on a main street in Vancouver (actually, it was LITERALLY on Main St), the Shameful Tiki Room is disguised as a closed up storefront with tan painted windows. The only give-away that we were at the right address… the smallish image of a wooden Tiki Mug on Palm Fronds. Pushing our way in from the bright Vancouver sunshine, we hit a curtain.

OK…that’s odd...

Walk through that… and you enter an enchanted world where Tiki gods are King, and Rum acts as the Chief Adviser. The room is dark… really dark… but as your eyes adjust, you can make out Tapa covered walls, Tiki gods, lamps made from fish floats, and palm fronds…  Anchoring the room, a bar that is more L shaped than long.

shameful Tiki Vancouver
Interior photo taken from Shameful Tiki Room Website

It smelled so good. That Tiki Bar aroma of rum, spices, and wood that comes from years of spills….

Thankfully, I wrote ahead for a reservation (nope, I didn’t call… they don’t have a phone! Reservations are taken for the first half hour only on weekends) and considering the crowd at 5:30, we needed them! Also, luckily, I had read through the menu before going in, because we were seated toward the back, and it was dark. The Tapa Cloth lamp didn’t do much to light up the table… and the small candle was more of a heat than a light source, but.. who cares? We knew what we wanted. (And hey, we can read by the light of a smart phone…)

shameful tiki vancouver
Grog Menu

The Mystery BOOOWL!

Don’t ask what’s in the Mystery Bowl (no one will tell), just be glad you ordered it. This fabulous potion is served with in a clam shell bowl with flames coming out of 2 floating lime halves while the bartenders and everyone else in the place chants MYSTERY BOOOOWLLLL. My niece took a sip and lit up! “Ohhh.. This is GOOOOD!!” And suddenly, the rest of us had to grab our straw and drink before she slurped it all down.

shameful Tiki vancouver
Mystery BOWL… and 2 new Tiki-philes
Shameful Tiki Vancouver
Designated Driver

(Now, if some of you are thinking I am leading the 13 year old down an alcoholic path to darkness and despair, be assured, she did not get the 4th straw… the Server brought her a Designated Driver. Not a Shirley Temple… a delightful Mocktail complete with pineapple garnish. In fact, we wanted to order the Voodoo Bowl, but because only 3 of us were drinkers, they wouldn’t let us have it… you need 4… and the kid didn’t count… Canadian law?)

We did order food to go with our drink… The menu is not huge, but covers a wide range of “typical” Tiki Bar fare like potstickers, Hawaiian ribs and Tiki Nuts…and they also had larger plates with Poke, Curry Nachos and Sliders. The portions were just right… and filled us up enough to go for another round of drinks.

We took our Server’s advice and ordered the Day of the Dead. She described it as a combination of a Painkiller and a Zombie. She was right, it was the perfect pick.. sweet and spicy, with loads of rum (enough to re-animate the dead) and a fruity taste.

shameful Tiki Vancouver
Day of the Dead….

At that point, it was time to get back to the rest of the family, so we picked up a bunch of swag (new mug, clam shell bowl, swizzle sticks and a t-shirt! YAY!), settled the bill, hugged our server, and headed back out into the Vancouver evening; a little tipsy, and content in the knowledge that I’ve lured a few more people into Tiki…

Best of all, for the rest of the week, when things got a little crazy on the family trip, the 4 of us would look at each other and say “Mystery BOOOWL”!

(All I need now is the recipes…..But I think I’ll need to move to Canada and get a job as a bartender first)

 Thank You Shameful Tiki!




shameful tiki room
More Swag- A Shameful Tiki Room Barrel Mug
shameless Tiki Vancouver
Nothing sadder than an empty Mystery BOWL!



Forbidden Island Porthole Mug

forbidden island porthole mugFor weeks teasers about the new Forbidden Island Tiki Mug had floated around. Nothing concrete, just “it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen” and “it’s really cool”. No prodding could get anyone to drop more information, there was nothing to do but show up at Forbidden Island on April 3rd for the 3 pm opening, and see it for ourselves.

We had just parked on Sherman, just around the corner from Forbidden Island, when my boyfriend says… “oh no, a line”. Sure enough, we blew it. It was new mug release day, and when we showed up at 3:15, the line was already stretched down Lincoln and around the corner.

But we weren’t going to give up. Bracing ourselves, we jumped into line with fellow Tiki-philes, and resigned ourselves to a WAIT.

Rumors swirled… “They only made 100 limited edition mugs” was the scariest. We counted the people in front of us and watched Aloha Shirt clad people leave Forbidden Island with 2 and even 3 cardboard boxes. I admit my emotions roller-coastered a bit every time I saw another mug box leave… yet someone leaving meant another seat opened up inside.

forbidden island tiki loungeSomeone said it was so packed inside, that even the Kill Devil Club members had to wait. Not good.

People gave up… other people joined the line… one couple made cracks about crazy Tiki Mug collectors (grrrrr…. I notice that didn’t stop them from jumping into the line ahead of us when they saw “friends”).

After an hour of making new friends and swapping Tiki Bar stories the seas parted, our IDs were checked, and we were granted admission to the hallowed bamboo hall…

I’ve been to Forbidden Island on busy nights (can you say New Year’s Eve), and this crowd rivaled those times. All the seats were full. People were elbow to elbow, waiting their turn to order the Porthole. But as crazy as things were in front of the bar, behind the bar was a choreographed frenzy of pouring, mixing, and concocting. I really have to hand it to the crew. They were absolutely amazing under the pressure! Orders were constantly being peppered at them, folks were thirsty from the long wait and the anticipation of trying something new… but they never missed a beat. Poor Autumn was run off her Converse sneakers keeping up with serving, but she never lost her smile, or her composure.

And then we saw it… and it really was like nothing we had ever seen before… the Forbidden Island Porthole mug.

Forbidden Island Porthole Mug

forbidden island porthole mugTo really appreciate this mug, you should first see it in the dim lighting of a Tiki Bar. Doug Horne (of Octo-mug fame) really outdid himself. The mug itself is a bit over-sized, and has the familiar slant eyed Forbidden Island Tiki on one side… it’s the back that sets this mug apart from all the others. There is an actual PORTHOLE in the mug! No, this doesn’t mean a short pour; the mug is lined with a plastic glass liner that holds the drink. To add to the effect, a lighted “ice cube” in the drink gives off that eerie yellow glow … just like the one you see in the Nautilus porthole in 20,000 leagues Under the Sea ( I half expected to see Deep Sea Creatures to swim by. )

But even in the light, this is a pretty spectacular mug. Each mug is “unique”, since the blue glaze seemed to come out a slightly different shade every time… We were lucky to get a darker glaze and a lighter glaze (nope, don’t even think about asking them to open up the boxes to let you pick out the one you want… just NOPE… you get what you get.)

And the drink in the glass…. bliss… a wonderful combination of rums, juices and bitters was well balanced, and not too sweet. The closest I could get to the recipe from Michael Thanos (Owner and Founder of FI) –

The drink is “Our custom blend My Gay Black Barrel, Mt Gay XO, Mango, Lime, Falernum, Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth, a house made Chai-honey syrup and Park Avenue Provisions’ Grenadine bitters.”

Why We Love Forbidden Island and the Tiki Culture

forbidden island kill devil clubThe Tiki gods smiled on us yesterday. We ran into friends in the bar who graciously shared their booth (and their friends) with us (Thanks Jenny and Chad!). Tiki Royalty even sat with us for a bit (Hey Otto!) and shared some inside information about this year’s Tiki Oasis. To the delight of everyone in the bar, we even got to see a new member inducted into the Kill Devil Club! Applause!

All this reminded me why I’ve come to love the Tiki Culture so much… it’s not just the rum drinks (although, I have to tell you, that part is certainly a bonus). It’s the people; the camaraderie. The sharing of stories and comparing notes about mugs, bars, music.

And… we got to bring home two fantastic new mugs for our collection. They weren’t cheap (at $50 a pop), but they are pretty spectacular. Each comes with a liner and your very own light-up ice cube. A quick check shows that they have already hit the collector’s market, so if you want one, you’d better hurry, despite the edition being limited to 1000 (and not 100), I just heard that there are only few left…. (at least until the new order comes in).

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Saturday Afternoon at the Kona Club Oakland

Kona club OaklandMy boyfriend and I stumbled into the Kona Club in Oakland completely by chance. Don’t you just love when that happens? You’re out and about, then suddenly, a Tiki Bar is open in front of you like a tropical mirage… and the whole day is vastly improved.

Our goal on this dreary Saturday was to hike the paths in the Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland. Don’t think I’m creep, I just dig looking at the headstones (dig might have been the wrong word), and the hills are good for working off some of the excess libations that I’d enjoyed over the holidays. Besides, we had a goal, Elizabeth Short, the Black Dahlia, is buried there, and I was determined to find the headstone this time. (For those of you who don’t know, the Black Dahlia is a famous murder case from Los Angeles in the late 1940s. James Ellroy wrote a fabulous novel about the case that transports you back to that time and place. Read It).

As we approached the cemetery, we saw the sign for the Kona Club. Why haven’t I heard of this before? We live in Alameda. What the heck? My boyfriend said it must be closed up, and we started plotting to purchase the sign. (Really, purchase, both of us are a bit old to be climbing around on buildings to steal signs, besides, that would be bad Tiki Kharma, and who needs that?)

After our hike (no Elizabeth Short headstone sighting, despite following instructions very carefully), we headed back past the Kona Club…. and saw the OPEN sign.

I admit I almost jumped out of the car before it stopped.

When we opened the door, and the smell hit us like a wave… you know it, Rum, dust, spilled drinks, damp wood. It’s a smell bars just can’t scrub or air out. I smiled… home.

Inside the Kona Club is decorated in loads of Tiki Kitsch . Wonderful woven wall coverings and velvet paintings of native beauties cover the walls. Behind the bar, shelves loaded with mugs and Tiki Tchotchkes (we started playing the “I have that one and that one” game). Colorful Puffer Fish Lamps dangle above the bar adding a warm glow to room. There is even grass hut trim over the booze giving it that “we’re actually outside on an island” feel. And in the center of the bar back, a big ass volcano! (Was hoping it would erupt; and was wondering why the hell a polar bear was climbing it?)

Our bartender, Connor, who looked like he would be more at home in Dublin pouring pints, handed us a menu, and gave us some tips. I took his advice and ordered the Beachcomber Zombie, a killer drink with a pineapple base that I just love. My boyfriend ordered the Navy Grog, which he pronounced delicious, but wouldn’t share. (He knows me well, my sips turn into gulps).

Chatting with Connor, we learned that the Kona Club was originally called the Kings X, and is one of the oldest bars in Oakland (side note, Fantasy Football was “conceived” and first played in that bar). Rumor has it that the bar may have had a brothel upstairs (there are some interesting secret passages). And the bar even managed to stay open during the Prohibition (secret passages apparently hid bathtub gin as well as girls). So the place had history (explains the vibe and the smell), just not as a Tiki Bar.

Kona Club oakland
Volcano, Polar Bear and Magnum…

Kona Club History

I asked how the Kings X went Tiki. Apparently the Kings X owners sold out, and the new owner, Doug Miller, had a huge collection of Tiki Stuff that his Ex didn’t appreciate. Together with Bamboo Ben and Crazy Al, they created a Tiki Haven and it all fell into place. New décor, great carvings, new drinks menu, an Ex/X and really nice location (right around the corner from the final resting place of Victor Bergeron (our next cemetery quest)…. yet it maintains that “been there forever” feel.

While the Kona Club is a Tiki Bar. It remains a neighborhood bar. You get the Tiki Look, but you also get a pool table and TVs that play Football games (at least by day). The mix works. Locals were having beers, and a neighborhood couple was in the pool room sinking some balls. Yet, there were others like us, Tiki-philes searching for rum drinks and a cool mug. We met a great guy in a cool shirt (someone please tell me where I can find Tiki Buttons!) who turned us on to a place in Sacramento. ROAD TRIP!

Always Time for Another Tiki Drink

Kona CLub Oakland
Real Men Drink Chi Chi’s

Finished my drink, and needed another (it was HIS turn to drive). The Kona Club’s Magnum PI T- shirt with “real men drink Chi Chi’s” logo had me curious, so I gave it a try. (I’ve always been a sucker for a guy in Mustache wearing an Aloha shirt) It really was everything that Tiki Drinks are infamous for… sweet, cloying… like melted ice cream with a kick. (To be fair, Connor warned me) but, in the end, I was slurping up the dregs with my straw, wishing I had time for another. (Note to self- get a bottle of Macadamia Nut liqueur for my home bar).

kona club mug
The “unfinished” Kona Club Mug

We bought a Pint Glass (my guy brews his own beer, so Pint Glasses are a Bar essential in our home) and, of course, a Tiki Mug. The mugs are a bit funky, they look like carved bamboo, and are rough and unfinished on the outside (Connor claims it’s so we can paint and finish it ourselves… like that’s gonna happen). Both were wrapped up in bubble wrap to make the trip home safely.

The Kona Club brightened what could have been a drab drizzly East Bay afternoon. I can’t wait to see what it’s like at night!


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I Dream of Tiki…. Tiki Oasis 15 Memories

Tiki Oasis 15

tiki oasis mugIt’s been a week now since I unpacked my suitcases loaded with floral print tiki oasis pool partydresses, Aloha Shirts, Cosmic Laser guns and the newest Tiki mugs that I bought at Tiki Oasis 15… but I still have Tiki Dreams… I close my eyes at night, and it all rushes back into my head; surf rock, giant Moai, and rum all jumble together in a colorful swirl.

I wake in my own bed and feel a little lost, the connection slowly slipping from my consciousness. I’m back in the mundane real world.

Tiki Oasis 15

tiki oasis 2015
Every year Tiki Oasis works with a theme, and this year’s “Yesterday’s Future TODAY” was like a blast from our future past. Most people took the opportunity to put on costumes from Space Shows and movies of the 50s and early 60s. The creativity was awesome! Imagine Disney’s Tomorrowland populated by people from mars… but wearing Aloha shirts…

What is it that brings hundreds of people to the Crown Plaza in San Diego to worship the Tiki god; to drink, to laugh, to dance, to learn, and to wear wild floral prints? Is it a desire for a time that never really existed? A simpler mid-century lifestyle? Many of us are old enough where we caught a bit of that time in childhood. It’s a memory of parents or grandparents laughing in the backyard with a cocktail in hand. It’s a photo of a trip to Hawaii with a visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center, or a Luau with Fire Dancers.  Maybe it’s the colorful dresses, worn at a time when fashion was straight lines, couture was important, and bold colors were a break from the dreary every day. For some it might be the music, lively and fun without the harsh synchronized beat that we hear all too often on the radio.

Tiki Oasis is a chance to connect with others who share that desire. Age, tiki oasis gogo dancerappearance and economic status lose importance. Friendships are formed over the print on a shirt or the mug in your hand. Who you are in the real world matters less than your enthusiasm for a surf band and some awesome go-go dancers.

tiki oasis crowdOtto and Baby Doe von Stroheim have created this wonderful fantasy world for Tiki-philes. What started as a backyard luau has evolved into a fabulous party for 3000! But, Tiki Oasis is more than just a 4 day Bacchanalia. Certainly, you can spend your time at the Crown Plaza in a Rum soaked haze, dancing and floating from one room party to the next. But you can also turn it into a fun family vacation by the pool. (Yes, there were full families in attendance…. kids and all. Special programs and rooms are set aside for the young ones, everyone is welcome in the pool, and overall, the event is family friendly…)

DJ’s spinning records all day and high energy Bands (like Jason Lee and the Rip Tides) played well into the evenings giving the scene a constant party atmosphere. Dancing and drinking were the norm, but I never saw anyone take it over the top. It was as if everyone was there for a good time, and no one wanted to wreck it by going too far.

rumsession2rumsession  rumsession3  tikioasis15_4

Tiki oasis 15
El Vez Crowning Miss Tiki Oasis

Well planned seminars
give us a chance to learn. Topics like “Where did the rum come from”? “What is the best way to mix a drink?” “How can I throw a tiki party on a budget?” “What are the basics of surf guitar? And what the heck does “tiki” mean anyway?? We even heard from the legendary Sven Kirsten (author of Tiki Pop… and all around Tiki Icon). These talks were more interesting than anything I learned in school… and most of them included a cocktail!

And don’t forget, it’s a chance to shop! Find that perfect hand carved sign for your bar…. buy 2 or 3 (or 5) new Tiki mugs that you just can’t live without from the talented artists who created them… and of course, you need that fabulous new dress for tonight’s room crawl.


Tiki Oasis us all together.

In the real world things move at the speed of light and there isn’t much time to breathe. We text, snap chat, and the internet zaps information around the world before we get the chance to finish a thought.

Tiki Oasis takes us back.

tiki oasis friends

It’s a loosening of life that allows us to slow down, to savor bold colors, exotic music and newly forged friendships with kindred spirits. It’s a way to remember that not everything must be cold and digitized.


And we remember what we think might have been. We strive to touch a memory … A simpler life….. with a lot of rum.

tiki oasis rum seminar
Rum and then some

And remember everyone….

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It’s Always Tiki Time! at Tiki Oasis

Post World War 2 and the Rise of Tiki Culture

|t’s 1945, and the War is Over. American soldiers came home with stories of the beaches and tropical warmth of the South Seas. (It was best to tell stories about Island life and hospitality than share tales of horror from the battlefront). They brought photos and souvenirs, and a taste for the exotic foods and drinks that they had sampled in the Pacific and Asian Theater.

After years of depression and war, Americans were ready to have some fun. The economy was good, so everyone had money in their pockets it was time to let loose… put on that Aloha shirt. It was suddenly OK to relax and let loose, and the Island lifestyle fit in with that desire.

Bringing Polynesia Home… The Rise of Tiki Culture

Tiki drinks
Suburban Tiki

People were moving out of the cities and into the suburbs. Open plan houses, and a little patch of lawn became the American dream. Add a swimming pool, and maybe even some bamboo and a bar, and you have your own backyard Tiki Oasis, complete with rattan furniture! perfect for entertaining or relaxing. The best hostesses would serve up some exotic nibbles like Rumaki (Chicken livers and water chestnut wrapped in bacon) while their husbands stood behind the bar mixing up their version of Jungle Juice… and then topping it with a little umbrella.

In 1948, James Michener released his book, Tales of the South Pacific, about his adventures during the War.Then in 1949, Rogers and Hammerstein took the story and ran with it. They gave us South Pacific, and we all learned to “wash that man right out of our hair”. Now, even those who had never seen an Island got a taste for the lifestyle… and they wanted it.

Soldiers and sailors came home with a sense of adventure, and a desire to travel. They wanted to go back to the beauty that they saw. (Once a guy has been out of Kansas… and all that). But it wasn’t just the military guys! Travel to Hawaii became easier, with flights on the Pan Am Clipper flying from San Francisco to the islands in a mere 16 hours. It was still expensive… but not out of range for the upper middle classes to head to the Islands.

Tiki Advertising
Libby’s Pineapple advertising.

And then Thor Heyerdahl and the Kon Tiki Expedition became the original Reality Show…. as he sailed to Polynesia on a Balsa Raft to prove his theories that the Tiki people had spread from South America across the south Pacific before the Polynesians. People loved the adventure of it all! The daily radio broadcasts captured everyone’s imagination, While film  from the trip showed exactly what life was like on a balsa raft. When his book, The Kon-Tiki Expedition: By Raft Across the South Seas,  detailing the voyage was published, it became a run-away best seller.

Tiki was everywhere… in advertising, in architecture and in dining….Tiki was IN, Tiki was HIP, anything related to this amalgamation of made up South Seas culture was cool.

And everyone wanted to be cool….


Cthulhu Tiki Mug- Cthulhu Goes Tiki and the World Will Never be the Same!

cthulhu mug1Cthulhu Tiki Mug?!? What an absurd combination!

But, think about it for a second…..According to HP Lovecraft, the dark lord Cthulhu is imprisoned in the underwater prison R’lyeh,somewhere in the Pacific off the coast of South America. AND according to legend (and Thor Heyerdahl) the god Tiki sailed from South America to the island in the South Pacific.

Maybe… they ran into each other, hopped aboard the Nautilus with Captain Nemo and created something new? (Must have been one HECK of a Party…)

Well, however it happened, the result is a great gift for anyone who loves Cthulhu or Tiki.

The sturdy, green clay Tiki Mug from Horror in Clay is a fabulous representation of the “mind-eating monster”, right down to the tentacles, claws and evil eyes. It’s the perfect vessel for drinking those ScorpionsZombies and even the Call of Cthulhu Cocktail. (Drink enough of those, and it becomes a mind altering experience in itself).

Get Your Cthulhu Tiki Mug

cthulhu tiki mugBut this Gift Pack is more than just a Tiki Mug! Also included are…. a Cthulhu Coaster (to save your tables from the inevitable rings), a Cthulhu Sticker (for sticking anywhere you feel like sticking it), and a half dozen extra long, green, tentacle shaped swizzle sticks (perfect for mixing your drink or scratching an itch.)

As both a Tiki lover and a HP Lovecraft fan, I was delighted to find (what I consider) a perfect addition to my personal Adult Beverage Drinking Vessel Collection (that would be my Barware).

If there is someone like me in your world… well… someone who loves the unusual… press those computer keys as fast as you can to order the Cthulhu Tiki Mug Gift Pack from Horrors in Clay.

And definitely order another one for yourself.

Cthulhu Tiki MugCthulhu Tiki MugThe New Annotated H. P. Lovecraft (The Annotated Books)The New Annotated H. P. Lovecraft (The Annotated Books)

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