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Where Did Rum Come From? Rum: a Global History

where did rum come fromRum: A Global History (Edible)

Rum: A Global History by Richard Foss should be required reading for anyone who considers themselves a Tiki-phile. When you think about it, Rum, that golden elixir of the Sugar Cane, is at the center of our worship. It’s only right that we know the answers to these basic questions…. Where Did Rum Come From? What is Rum made of? How is Rum made? And what effect did Rum have on Global History?

Now, before you spin off into a panic with High School Pop Quiz flash-backs…. I have some good news for you. Rum: A Global History is a very engaging read. You may not even want to put the book down. Richard Foss presents the material in a way that is entertaining, interesting, and even funny. He even suggests that you read it while drinking rum (what High School teacher ever gave you that advice?)

Where Did Rum Come From?

You may (or may not) be surprised to learn just how much of United States history, and the history of the “New World” was tied up in Rum. Nation’s economies were entirely tied up in the production of rum (in some places it actually replaced money). The British Navy allocated their Sailors a ration of rum daily (and did so through 1970). And Slavery, while not entirely a result of the rum trade, was certainly increased because of rum… slaves were needed to work in the Sugar Cane fields, and these same slaves were given rum to keep them from rebelling.

where did rum come from
photo courtesy wikipedia

Remember that Trade Triangle from High School? (The thing your history teacher was droning on about?) Big part of the Triangle…. Rum.

Growing conditions for Sugar Cane in the Caribbean and South America were excellent, so businessmen swooped in to cash on the sweet tooth that was developing in Europe and America. Of course… when you produce sugar from Sugar Cane, you end up with a sticky sweet byproduct… Molasses… run that Molasses through the distilling process (something that humans have been doing for many years) and Ta Da! Rum.

Of course, the early rum was of the lowest quality. In fact, the worst rum you’ve ever tasted (going back to that party in high school… thank goodness for Cola) is far superior to any of the rum that existed then. No problem… the upper classes were drinking other things, so Rum was left to the worker bees.

Eventually, Rum was improved. Better distillation (in Brazil, they were actually cooking it in CLAY pots… you can imagine just how tasty that mud must have been), and aging the rum in old wine barrels improved rum to what we have today.

Rum in the 20th Century- The TIKI Revolution

rum a global history
WHOOO..signed copy!

When Prohibition (hereafter to be referred to as “that black spot in history”) ended in 1935, most of the New England Whiskey distilleries were still not up to speed, but companies like Bacardi had plenty of Rum on hand ready to export. Ernest Gannt opened a swank little spot called Donn the Beachcomber in Los Angeles,  and created some crazy Tropical Drinks, like the Zombie and Navy Grog,  to match the breezy Polynesian style. Up in San Francisco, Victor Bergeron redecorated his old bar Hinky Dinks with Tikis, palm leaves and Puffer fish, christened it Trader Vic’s, and came up with his signature drink… the Mai Tai.

And it was good.

Rum Today

As Richard Foss points out, today Rum is making a new resurgence. What once was a means of keeping Slaves sedate, is treated like Whiskeys or Fine Wines. New processes of blending and aging is creating Rums that are flat out amazing.

Why Should you Read Rum A Global History?

I was lucky enough to hear Richard speak about Rum at Tiki Oasis (and was VERY lucky to try some of the wonderful and rare rums he brought along). His knowledge of the topic goes quite deep… but his treatment is very approachable. The book, Rum: A Global History,  is less than 150 pages (with LOADS of photos). Yet, in this short book, you will learn all you need to know about the production of rum, the history of rum (including some great stories about those Founding Fathers that no one bothered to tell you before), and what wonderful things are happening in the rum industry today. He’s even included some recipes for drinks that you may want to try…. (although, truth is, some of these early recipes seem a bit… sketchy (let eggs, sugar and cream sit a few days… add beer, rum and a hot poker…. YIKES).

After reading this book, you will know the difference between Rhum Agricole and Rhum Industriale, you’ll understand the etiology of words like rummage, and most importantly, you will be able to appreciate where your rum comes from.

And maybe, just maybe, you will love your Daiquiris so much more….

Where to buy RUM: A Global History

You can find the book, both new and used, on Amazon.

Rum: A Global History (Edible)Rum: A Global History (Edible)


I Dream of Tiki…. Tiki Oasis 15 Memories

Tiki Oasis 15

tiki oasis mugIt’s been a week now since I unpacked my suitcases loaded with floral print tiki oasis pool partydresses, Aloha Shirts, Cosmic Laser guns and the newest Tiki mugs that I bought at Tiki Oasis 15… but I still have Tiki Dreams… I close my eyes at night, and it all rushes back into my head; surf rock, giant Moai, and rum all jumble together in a colorful swirl.

I wake in my own bed and feel a little lost, the connection slowly slipping from my consciousness. I’m back in the mundane real world.

Tiki Oasis 15

tiki oasis 2015
Every year Tiki Oasis works with a theme, and this year’s “Yesterday’s Future TODAY” was like a blast from our future past. Most people took the opportunity to put on costumes from Space Shows and movies of the 50s and early 60s. The creativity was awesome! Imagine Disney’s Tomorrowland populated by people from mars… but wearing Aloha shirts…

What is it that brings hundreds of people to the Crown Plaza in San Diego to worship the Tiki god; to drink, to laugh, to dance, to learn, and to wear wild floral prints? Is it a desire for a time that never really existed? A simpler mid-century lifestyle? Many of us are old enough where we caught a bit of that time in childhood. It’s a memory of parents or grandparents laughing in the backyard with a cocktail in hand. It’s a photo of a trip to Hawaii with a visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center, or a Luau with Fire Dancers.  Maybe it’s the colorful dresses, worn at a time when fashion was straight lines, couture was important, and bold colors were a break from the dreary every day. For some it might be the music, lively and fun without the harsh synchronized beat that we hear all too often on the radio.

Tiki Oasis is a chance to connect with others who share that desire. Age, tiki oasis gogo dancerappearance and economic status lose importance. Friendships are formed over the print on a shirt or the mug in your hand. Who you are in the real world matters less than your enthusiasm for a surf band and some awesome go-go dancers.

tiki oasis crowdOtto and Baby Doe von Stroheim have created this wonderful fantasy world for Tiki-philes. What started as a backyard luau has evolved into a fabulous party for 3000! But, Tiki Oasis is more than just a 4 day Bacchanalia. Certainly, you can spend your time at the Crown Plaza in a Rum soaked haze, dancing and floating from one room party to the next. But you can also turn it into a fun family vacation by the pool. (Yes, there were full families in attendance…. kids and all. Special programs and rooms are set aside for the young ones, everyone is welcome in the pool, and overall, the event is family friendly…)

DJ’s spinning records all day and high energy Bands (like Jason Lee and the Rip Tides) played well into the evenings giving the scene a constant party atmosphere. Dancing and drinking were the norm, but I never saw anyone take it over the top. It was as if everyone was there for a good time, and no one wanted to wreck it by going too far.

rumsession2rumsession  rumsession3  tikioasis15_4

Tiki oasis 15
El Vez Crowning Miss Tiki Oasis

Well planned seminars
give us a chance to learn. Topics like “Where did the rum come from”? “What is the best way to mix a drink?” “How can I throw a tiki party on a budget?” “What are the basics of surf guitar? And what the heck does “tiki” mean anyway?? We even heard from the legendary Sven Kirsten (author of Tiki Pop… and all around Tiki Icon). These talks were more interesting than anything I learned in school… and most of them included a cocktail!

And don’t forget, it’s a chance to shop! Find that perfect hand carved sign for your bar…. buy 2 or 3 (or 5) new Tiki mugs that you just can’t live without from the talented artists who created them… and of course, you need that fabulous new dress for tonight’s room crawl.


Tiki Oasis us all together.

In the real world things move at the speed of light and there isn’t much time to breathe. We text, snap chat, and the internet zaps information around the world before we get the chance to finish a thought.

Tiki Oasis takes us back.

tiki oasis friends

It’s a loosening of life that allows us to slow down, to savor bold colors, exotic music and newly forged friendships with kindred spirits. It’s a way to remember that not everything must be cold and digitized.


And we remember what we think might have been. We strive to touch a memory … A simpler life….. with a lot of rum.

tiki oasis rum seminar
Rum and then some

And remember everyone….

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It’s Always Tiki Time! at Tiki Oasis

Tiki Bob’s -The Making of an Smiling Icon

With his goofy smile and 50’s pop stylizing, Tiki Bobs is an icon of Tiki Culture, born in San Francisco, at the legendary Tiki Bob’s.

tiki bob barStanding vigil at the corner of Post and Taylor streets in the city of San Francisco is a goofy faced Tiki named Bob. Tiki Bob’s, Baghdad by the Bay’s famous 50’s Polynesian restaurant and Icon maker is gone, but the memories (and the Tiki) linger on.

Tiki Bob’s came into existence in 1955 when “Sneaky” Bob Bryant, bar manager of Trader Vic’s, left after his job after a falling out with Vic Bergeron himself. He opened a new place down the road … called Tiki Bob’s. Bryant decorated the place in true Tiki style with various Tiki statues, bamboo, velvet paintings of naked women, globe lamps, fugu and netting. The walls and ceilings were paneled with corrugated tin, and later plastered over with Chinese newspapers from the 50’s for that authentic exotic experience.

tiki bob's

The restaurant served the usual Polynesian fare, but was famous for their 3 1/3 inch thick Pork Chops, crab cakes, and sesame chicken. For dessert you could order Banana Fritters loaded with whipped cream, and topped, naturally, with a paper umbrella.

tiki bob's mug ooga mooga

The Tiki Bob Mug

But of course, most important of all was their signature drink, the Super Sneaky Tiki, served in what many consider to be the FIRST Tiki mug, the Tiki Bob Mug.

The famous and happy faced stylized Tiki logo was created by Alec Yuill-Thornton, and according to Sven Kirsten, author of the indispensable Tiki Pop, looks “part George Jetson, part modern primitive.” The Tiki Bob Mug, with his friendly eyes  and instantly recognizable smile, is one of the most collectible of all Tiki mugs, and has almost a cult following among those who collect Tiki. (Love him or hate him, very few people are neutral on the subject of Bob).

Tiki Bob’s Lingerie at Lunch

Along with the free Tiki Mug, Bob Bryant was looking for another innovative way to drum up customers from the San Francisco business district lunch crowd, and the famous Lingerie Lunch was born. Patrons could enjoy a titillating fashion show of four voluptuous models in diaphanous nightwear while sipping their rum drinks. After winning a court battle over the “decency” of his show lunchtime patronage went from 50 on a good day to 200, with again that many being turned away (After the trial, Police Chief Cahill said that it was “morally OK”, but that “he would keep an eye on it”…. I’ll bet he did).

In 1957, Bryant opened a second Tiki Bob’s in Sacramento, catering to the Capitol crown, after his wife complained about having to make the long drive to San Francisco.

Bob Bryant himself left Tiki Bob’s in 1962 to work on another venture in Hawaii. Tiki Bob’s limped along until the late 70’s when the doors were finally shut for good.


Tiki Bob’s Still a San Francisco Icon

The bar is long gone, but the statue of Tiki Bob still guards the corner of Post and Taylor. He’s part of the support structure of the building, so whenever a new business pulls in, they just freshen him up with a coordinating paint job.  When you go there to pay your respects, always rub the Tiki Bob’s nose. In Tahiti, this is considered a surefire way to get lady luck on your side.

Tiki bob's Bob bryant

Sneaky Tiki Recipe

– From Beachbum Berry’s Taboo Table

(This Tiki Drink is SWEET…. But it will sneak up on you if you aren’t careful!)

1 part fresh lemon juice

1 1/2 part unsweetened pineapple juice

1/3 part orange curaçao

1/4 part hot-process grenadine

1 part Puerto Rican light rum

1 part dark Jamaican rum

Mix in blender with 8 ounces ice until almost smooth.

wine gifts

Tiki Oasis Entertainment Lineup 2015

Tiki Oasis 15: Yesterday’s Future Today presents an Out-Of-This-World lineup of live musical entertainment, burlesque and DJs!
San Diego, CA August 13-16

Tiki Oasis is the Class M hypergiant of the Tiki scene – the biggest Tiki Weekender in the solar system

man_or_astroman_lgBlast Off with live performances by:
Host: King Kukulele
Man or Astroman?
The Chocolate Watchband
Tikiyaki Orchestra
The Phenomenauts
The Phantom Surfers
The Devil-Ettes
Marina the Fire Eating Mermaid
The Neptunas
Project: Pimento
Jason Lee and the r.i.p. Tides
The Outta Sites
The Little Richards
The Rosalyns
The Ding Dong Devils
Diddley Daddies
The Angel and Robot Show
Els A Phonics
Point Doom
Slim Jenkins
Millionaire Beach Bums


kitten_deville_lgYou’ll be in orbit with these Burlesque Stars:
Kitten de Ville
Ruby Joule
Tana the Tattooed Lady
Amber Ray
Bunny Pistol
Charlotte La Belle Araigne’e
Dolores Daiquiri
Eva D’Luscious
Lila Starlet
Lydia DeCarllo
Mimi Le Meaux
Ruby Champagne
Dottie Deville
Eva Mae Garnet
Goldie Candela
Jessabelle Thunder
Jolie Goodnight
Meghan Mayhem
Szandora LaVey
Coco Lectric
Violetta Beretta

lee_joseph_lgVinyl Flying Saucer Pilots (our DJs that is…)
Lee Joseph
Howie Pyro
Anja and Mike Stax
Tanoa Samoa Boy
Agent Kari
El Nova
Duke Weiss
Lukino Ungawa
Johnny Bartlett
Tiki Tena & Jeff BigTikiDude
Eric Musick
Switched on Audrey
Astro 138
Jon Burchard
Nuria Alsina
Patrick Robinson
Sid Presley
Suzy Moran
Burnie Gipson

Stay tuned for more information about symposiums, Miss Tiki Oasis 15 Pageant, book signings, special events, vintage car show, pin-up packages, art show, cigar and rum pairing, and MUCH MORE!



Named for the fellowship of mariners who voyaged across the Equator, Shellback Rum is a bold spirit for celebrating good times in good company, from epic journeys across the globe to epic nights on the town. Join Shellback at the Tiki Oasis 2015 car show and show off your skills in their Shellback Combine tent. Play games, win prizes, take pics with your friends, and enjoy delicious spiced rum with Shellback during this amazing weekend event!

TikiOasis15OblongBoxAloha and welcome to The Oblong Box Shop, a pinup’s paradise featuring novelty print skirts, dresses and all things Tiki! Featuring original art by owner & designer Denialle Von Fitch.

Drawing inspiration from the past, Denialle’s hand drawn designs are inspired by all things mid-century, kitsch and Tiki. From John Waters’ pink flamingos to Plan 9 from Outer Space, featuring everything from shrunken heads to Tikis in space. And the newest offering from The Oblong Box Shop…matching Cabana sets. Never lose your partner in a Tiki Bar again!

Check out The Oblong Box Shop’s poolside fashion show on Friday at Tiki Oasis to see all of their newest designs! Mahalo!

TikiOasis15HawaiinShirtDudeMy name is Zippy Moondog and I love Hawaiian Shirts. For 15 years I have shared my passion for aloha-wear from my shop ‘Hula Girl’ on the beautiful island of Kauai. I recently launched the Web site ‘Hawaiian Shirt Dude’ so I could spread aloha to the rest of the world, and the response has been amazing. I’m making new friends worldwide and making the world a better place one shirt at a time. This will be my first Tiki Oasis and I look forward to meeting all of you!

Don the Beachcomber- Home of the Zombie!

Don BeachcomberErnest Gnatt was born in Texas, but lived a life of Adventure. He traveled all over the Carribean and South Pacific in the late 1920s, came home to the US and was a bootlegger during Prohibition, finally in 1934, he moved to Hollywood, CA, opened a Tropical Themed Bar and Restaurant called Don the Beachcomber, and changed his name to Donn Beach.

During the late 30′s and into the 40′s, people flocked to Don the Beachcomber’s. The exotic food and cheap rum drinks were a fantastic escape from everyday life. Hollywood celebrities “discovered” the place which brought in even more people.

Don BeachDuring WW2, Don Beach was (ironically) stationed in the European theater… but his wife continued the success. When he returned Stateside, his empire had grown to 16 Restaurants. He also opened a Polynesian Village in Encino that drew people wanting to stay in a Tiki Hotel.

Don the Beachcomber is credited with serving the first PuPu Platter (a mixed plate of exotic polynesian appetizers), for mixing the first Zombie Cocktail, and for creating the first Tahitian Rum Punch. He and Victor Bergeron (Trader Vic) were friendly rivals, who both claimed to invent the Mai Tai (I lean toward the Trader Vic story).
At one point there were 19 Don the Beachcomber restaurants across the United States… slowly, as Tiki fell out of favor, many of them closed. As of 2010, there are only 30 left worldwide according to Tiki Central.


Post World War 2 and the Rise of Tiki Culture

|t’s 1945, and the War is Over. American soldiers came home with stories of the beaches and tropical warmth of the South Seas. (It was best to tell stories about Island life and hospitality than share tales of horror from the battlefront). They brought photos and souvenirs, and a taste for the exotic foods and drinks that they had sampled in the Pacific and Asian Theater.

After years of depression and war, Americans were ready to have some fun. The economy was good, so everyone had money in their pockets it was time to let loose… put on that Aloha shirt. It was suddenly OK to relax and let loose, and the Island lifestyle fit in with that desire.

Bringing Polynesia Home… The Rise of Tiki Culture

Tiki drinks
Suburban Tiki

People were moving out of the cities and into the suburbs. Open plan houses, and a little patch of lawn became the American dream. Add a swimming pool, and maybe even some bamboo and a bar, and you have your own backyard Tiki Oasis, complete with rattan furniture! perfect for entertaining or relaxing. The best hostesses would serve up some exotic nibbles like Rumaki (Chicken livers and water chestnut wrapped in bacon) while their husbands stood behind the bar mixing up their version of Jungle Juice… and then topping it with a little umbrella.

In 1948, James Michener released his book, Tales of the South Pacific, about his adventures during the War.Then in 1949, Rogers and Hammerstein took the story and ran with it. They gave us South Pacific, and we all learned to “wash that man right out of our hair”. Now, even those who had never seen an Island got a taste for the lifestyle… and they wanted it.

Soldiers and sailors came home with a sense of adventure, and a desire to travel. They wanted to go back to the beauty that they saw. (Once a guy has been out of Kansas… and all that). But it wasn’t just the military guys! Travel to Hawaii became easier, with flights on the Pan Am Clipper flying from San Francisco to the islands in a mere 16 hours. It was still expensive… but not out of range for the upper middle classes to head to the Islands.

Tiki Advertising
Libby’s Pineapple advertising.

And then Thor Heyerdahl and the Kon Tiki Expedition became the original Reality Show…. as he sailed to Polynesia on a Balsa Raft to prove his theories that the Tiki people had spread from South America across the south Pacific before the Polynesians. People loved the adventure of it all! The daily radio broadcasts captured everyone’s imagination, While film  from the trip showed exactly what life was like on a balsa raft. When his book, The Kon-Tiki Expedition: By Raft Across the South Seas,  detailing the voyage was published, it became a run-away best seller.

Tiki was everywhere… in advertising, in architecture and in dining….Tiki was IN, Tiki was HIP, anything related to this amalgamation of made up South Seas culture was cool.

And everyone wanted to be cool….


Thor Heyerdahl and the Kon Tiki Expedition

kon tikiIn 1947, Thor Heyerdahl, a Norweigian adventurer and ethnologist, and 5 of his fellow adventurers went to Peru and built a raft out of balsa wood and other native woods, and sailed for 101 days, 4300 miles to the outer reef of the Tuamotu Islands on the Kon Tiki Expedition.

The raft, named the Kon Tiki, was based on drawings and legends of Inca rafts. According to legend, the light skinned people around Lake Titicaca were ruled by a sun god named Con-Tiki. During a race war, many of these people were wiped out, but the survivors escaped to the coast built rafts and sailed to safety.) Heyerdahl proposed that the Polynesian Islands were populated from South America using large versions of such rafts. That is… the settlement of the Islands Groups of Samoa, Hawaii, Easter Island were setteled west to east. Most anthropologists believed that that the Islands were settled East to West, starting from Asia.

(Take a moment here to imagine the conferences they must have had…. Anthropologists on opposite sides of the room taking sides… total breakdown of civility… people shouting “what about the sweet potato? It’s clearly from the Americas!” “what about the Austronesian language, it’s clearly from Taiwan!”)

Heyerdahl and his band of merry adventurers found the sailing fairly easy, thanks to the prevailing winds and currents. They had food, and enough water (fishies stayed close to the bottom of their raft, making it easier to catch them…

Because there was a Ham Radio on board the ship, Heyerdahl was able to send daily reports of sharks and water. Newspapers around the world published tales of the journey, and the post war public was wrapped up in the adventure of it all.

The book “The Kon-Tiki Expedition- By Raft Across the South Seas”, that Thor Heyerdahl wrote became a world-wide best seller… and the documentary film Kon Tiki made about the voyage won an Academy Award in 1951.

The by shining a light on the South Pacific, the film and the book Kon-Tiki added to the Tiki Mythology.

Kon Tiki Expedition- The Original Reality Show

The Kon Tiki expedition lit up the imaginations of so many people…. it was the ultimate South Seas Adventure. Sharks, Waves, Men in Bathing Suits acting quite Manly. It’s no wonder that it attracted the attention of so many.

Kon-Tiki: Across the Pacific in a RaftKon-Tiki: Across the Pacific in a RaftKon-TikiKon-TikiThe Kon-Tiki Man: Thor HeyerdahlThe Kon-Tiki Man: Thor HeyerdahlThe Impossible Voyage of Kon-TikiThe Impossible Voyage of Kon-Tiki


Hollywood Goes Tiki- Tiki Movies of the 1940’s and 1950’s

Blue Lagoon POSTER Movie (22 x 28 Inches - 56cm x 72cm) (1949) (Half Sheet Style A)Blue Lagoon POSTER Movie (22 x 28 Inches – 56cm x 72cm) (1949) (Half Sheet Style A)

The 1940’s to 1950’s was a busy time for Hollywood…. movies were being churned out weekly. Following the Tiki trend of the times, lots of these were Tiki Movies that took place in the South Pacific. Musicals, War Movies, Horror Films and Comedies… all with some combination of Palm Trees, lush Islands, sandy Beaches, Hula Girls, Girls in Sarongs, Natives, and beautiful girls in bathing suits. (Seeing a trend?)

Here is a long-ish, and yet incomplete list of Tiki Movies made between 1940 and 1959… BUT, because there are some films you just can’t leave out of a Tiki Movie list,   I’ve included Elvis in Blue Hawaii, even though it was 1962…( Elvis is, after all, the Exception to most rules). I also included Donovan’s Reef (for my Dad, it is his most favorite movie of all times, and will quote it an wildly inappropriate times).

Ok, sure… calling some of these movies “Tiki movies” might be a stretch… but there is always something… location, sarongs, drinks in a coconut. You get the idea.

Tiki Movie Marathon!



So, next time you feel the need to have a Tiki Movie Marathon… make yourself a pitcher of Zombies, whip up some pupus and watch a bunch of Tiki Films (for bonus points, set up a theater OUTSIDE). Unfortunately, some of these are no longer in print… and some are just on VHS…



Tiki Movie Time!!!

tiki moviesAdventures of Robinson Crusoe 1952
Adventures of Sadie 1955
All Ashore 1952 (Mickey Rooney)
Attack of the Crab Monsters
Blue Hawaii 1961
Blue lagoon 1949
Call of the south seas 1944
Cobra woman 1944
Devil Monster 1946
Don’t go near the water 1957
Donovan’s Reef 1966
Enchanted Island 1958
Fair wind to java 1953
Forbidden Island 1944
From Here to Eternity 1953
Girls of pleasure island 1963
tiki moviesHell ship mutiny 1957
Hells Half Acre 1954
Her jungle love 1938 (Dorothy Lamour)
Island of Desire aka: Saturday Island 1952 (Tab Hunter)
Island of lost women 1959
Island of forgotten sins (aka Monsoon) 1943
The little hut 1957
Lost lagoon 1958
Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikiki 1955
Mr Roberts 1955
Monsoon 1943
Moonlight in Hawaii 1943
Omoo omoo the shark god 1949
On an Island with You 1948
Operation petticoat 1959
Pagan love song 1950

Pardon my sarong 1942
Pearl of the south pacific 1955
The revolt of Maimi Stover 1956
Rhythm of the Islands 1943

Road to Bali 1952

Sea Wife
She Demons 1958
Song of the Island 1942 (Bette Grable)
Song of the sarong 1946
South pacific 1958
tiki moviesTahiti Nights 1943
Tuttles of Tahiti 1944
Twilight for the Gods 1958 (Rock Hudson and Cyd Charisse!)
Typhoon 1940
Up in arms 1944
Up to his neck 1954
Voodoo Island 1954
Weird Woman 1944 (Lon Chaney!)
White Savage 1943
Wings over the Pacific 1943
Women of Pitcairn Island 1956


Hollywood Goes Tiki – What is Your Favorite Tiki Movie??