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How to Make a Chi Chi Drink

how to make chi chi frozen drinkI’m not a huge fan of “sweet” Tiki Drinks… but after trying one, I had to learn How to make a Chi Chi Drink. Granted… I was at the Kona Club, and had already had a Daiquiri… and a Mai Tai (but who’s counting?) when I saw this T-shirt on the wall… It had Tom Selleck on it saying  “Real Men Drink Chi Chis”.

Well.. I’m not a man…. but damn it, I’ve always been a sucker for Magnum … don’t know if it was the mustache, the shirts or the Palm Trees (could THAT be where my love for all things Aloha comes from?)

Despite the kindly bartender warning (he knows my taste) I insisted on trying one.


Think about a Chi Chi Frozen Drink as a Milk Shake (excuse me… Smoothie) with Alcohol. The flavor of Macadamia Nut and Coconut swirl through the rich frozen treat… and wait? Is that Pineapple? yes it is! It’s like the Hawaiian Dessert Menu from 1972 run through a blender .. with booze.

Works for me!

How to Make Chi Chi Frozen Drink

How to Make a Chi Chi Drink

8 minutes

Yield: 2 Tiki Mugs full

How to Make a Chi Chi Drink



  • Put the Ice, Pineapple Juice, Coconut Cream, Vodka, and Macadamia Nut Liqueur into a blender.
  • Blend until relatively smooth.
  • Pour into 2 Mugs (I used a glass, to show how it looks)
  • Top with an Umbrella
  • Put on a rerun of Magnum PI and enjoy!
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Cream of Coconut

Please don’t mix up Cream of Coconut/ Coconut Cream with Coconut Milk or Coconut Water. They aren’t the same thing at all! Cream of Coconut is thick, sweet and cloying… while coconut water is meant to be healthy. You can find Cream of Coconut in the Adult Beverages section of most stores that carry a reasonable selection of alcohol and mixers. It comes in cans or squeezie bottles. I prefer bottles, because they are fun.  (I also use Coconut Cream in baking… YUM!)

I Love This Chi Chi Bar Sign

how to make chi chi drinkChi Chi Lounge Sign


Looking for Tiki Mugs?

Dark n Stormy Drink Recipe- A Refreshing Drink for a “Fool or Dead Man”

dark n stormy drink recipe“It was a Dark and Stormy night…” words inspire thoughts of horror films, Snoopy and best of all, the Dark n Stormy Drink Recipe… This combination of Ginger Beer and Dark Rum just works! It’s strong and flavorful with a hint of lime that gives it a spark of freshness, perfect to cool you off on a hot day… yet according to a World War 1 sailor a Dark and Stormy is the  “colour of a cloud only a fool or a dead man would sail under.”

This is a drink I make at home quite frequently. It’s similar to a Moscow Mule… but Dark Rum takes the place of Vodka, and shifts the flavor to a different place. It’s got a deeper taste. Unlike many Tiki drinks, we aren’t dealing with sweet syrups or fruity flavors, the Dark and Stormy fills your mouth with a punch of ginger and then a mysterious darkness. Keep the ingredients on hand, and you can go “Tiki” without a huge fuss or blender.

Dark and Stormy Cocktail History

A Dark n Stormy Cocktail is found on the menus of most Tiki Bars. The recipe goes back to the late 1800’s, when the Gosling family in Bermuda started playing around with darker rums and came up with the dark, full-bodied Gosling’s Black Seal. Around that same time, the British Royal Navy began serving their sailors Ginger beer, most likely because ginger helps calm sea sickness. It didn’t take much time for the two to come together, along with some of the ubiquitous lime, and you have the ultimate sailor’s drink…. Lime to prevent scurvy, ginger to keep your tummy calm, and rum to help you forget you are at sea…

Dark n Stormy Drink Recipe

Dark stormy drink recipeTraditionally, a Dark and Stormy is made with Gosling’s Black Seal Rum. Supposedly, other dark rums will work… but I wouldn’t bother. We keep a bottle (or two) of Gosling’s on hand all the time, just for this drink. It’s not the most expensive, and it’s not difficult to find. While I’m not crazy about it straight, I’ve yet to find a better rum for a Dark and Stormy.

As for Ginger Beer? Use real Ginger BEER, not Ginger Ale. It’s not the same thing.


2 ounces Gosling’s Black Seal Rum
1/2 ounce Lime Juice
6 ounces Ginger Beer


Fill a Tiki Glass (Highball) with ice. Add the Rum and Lime Juice.
Top with Ginger Beer.

Drink up!


Scorpion Cocktail Recipes – Make a Single Scorpion or a BOWL!

scorpion bowlAsk the bartender to make a Scorpion Cocktail in a good Tiki Bar, and they will serve this delicious Cocktail up in a flat bowl with long straws. The act of sharing the drink from a communal bowl is a sign of hospitality in the South Seas (here it’s more of a game of who-can-get-the-most-before-it’s-gone!)

Like most Tiki drinks, Scorpion Cocktail Recipes  are a Rum based drink. They do have loads of fruit juices, for flavor, and Brandy for sting!

Serve up a Scorpion Bowl in your home at your next gathering…. or make individual Scorpions (the recipe is also included), and everyone will agree that you are the perfect host/hostess.

History of the Scorpion Cocktail

You Didn’t think You’d Get Away Without a Little History Lesson, Did You?

According to song and legend, the Scorpion was first poured in the Hula Hut on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Victor Bergeron, Trader Vic himself, discovered it, tweaked it, super-sized it, and started serving the Scorpion in a 48 ounce bowl at Trader Vic’s in Oakland, California.

There were three different official Scorpion Recipes at Trader Vic’s, the final incarnation was produced in the 1970’s.

Today, sadly, most places create a poor imitation. This recipe is the Real Deal.

Recipe Scorpion Cocktail

Drink a Bowl Of Scorpion

Bonus Points if You Serve it in a Flaming Bowl!!!

Black Scorpion Ceramic Drink Bowl – Limited Edition

Any 6 cup water tight container will hold the Scorpion, so go ahead and use a fish bowl or pasta bowl if that’s all you have. It just looks so cool when it’s served in a special Tiki Bowl with a gardenia floating in the middle. And a Scorpion is a show stopper when you serve it in a volcano bowl with flames!!!

Mix the drink up and set it in the middle of the table, hand everyone a straw and stand back!

This cold and tasty drink is loaded with rum and fruit juice (fresh squeezed please), with just a sting of Brandy.


6 oz. Silver Rum (I Like Malibu Silver Rum)

6 oz. Orange Juice

4 oz. Lemon Juice

1 1/2 oz. Orgeat Syrup**

1 oz. Brandy

3 Cups Crushed Ice for mixing

1 cup ice cubes for the bowl

Garnish with a gardenia….

Or set aflame with Bacardi 151…(instructions below)


Get out your Blender….

Put the rum, orange juice, lemon juice, orgeat syrup, brandy and crushed ice in to blender bowl. Blend a few seconds until combined.

Pour into the serving bowl… top off with a few ice cubes and the flower garnish.

Hand out long straws (4 max….)

**sweet almond flavored syrup found in many Tiki Drinks

Recipe Scorpion Cocktail for One

Classic Hawaiian Tiki Mugs Tiki Bar Starter Set

You are alone, or no one else wants a Scorpion. Making an entire bowl seems greedy… what do you do?

Make a single Scorpion… and enjoy

Just be sure to watch out for the sting!!


2 oz. Malibu Silver Rum

1 oz. Brandy

2 oz. Orange Juice

1 1/2 oz. Lemon Juice

1/2 oz. Orgeat Syrup

1 cup Crushed Ice (for mixing)

Few Ice Cubes (for the glass)


Garnish… Gardenia or a Paper Parasol


Combine the rum, brandy, juices, syrup and crushed ice in a blender. Pulse it a few times to combine.

Pour into your favorite Tiki Glass… top it off with a few ice cubes and a garnish.

scorpion bowl
Scorpion Bowl with FLAMES!

where buy scorpion bowlOrchids of Hawaii Vintage 1960s Hula Girl Ceramic Cocktail Bowlwhere buy scorpion bowlVintage Kahiki Supper Club Drink Bowl Hula Girl Tiki Bar Restaurant Columbus, Ohiowhere buy scorpion bowlHarvey’s Tiki Scorpion Bowl- Vintage 1960’s!where buy scorpion bowlVintage Ku Tiki Scorpion Bowl Mug

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Best Zombie Cocktail Recipe – How to Make a Zombie the RIGHT WAY

Best Zombie Cocktail recipeThe Best Zombie Cocktail Recipe is a thing of beauty. A mixture of Rum, some more rum, some fruit juice, a few exotic syrups and some more rum…. this drink stands in a class all its own.

Invented by Don Beach for his restaurant/tiki bar Donn the Beachcomber. The original recipe was kept a secret for years. Other restaurants copied it, and there are many poor imitations out there. (A true Zombie is not fruit punch and rum!)

It’s sweet, tart, and deliciously cool in a tall glass (extra points for drinking it out of a Zombie Tiki Mug)

Naturally this is the perfect drink for a Tiki Party but this drink is also perfect for a Halloween Party… instant Zombification!

Travelling in a fried out kombi;

On a hippie trail, head full of Zombie.

 Men At Work-Land Down Under

Zombie Cocktail History

Where Do Zombies Come From?

Don BeachLegend has it that Ernest Raymond Beaumont-Gannt aka. Donn Beach created this amazing Rum drink at his restaurant Donn the Beachcomber back in the 1930’s. It was meant to be a “hair of the dog” remedy for a hung over customer.

But it might have just made things worse…. no one cared….It was so delicious.

It soon made a permanent appearance on the menu. But there was a two drink limit.

The Zombie was a real skull slammer.

The recipe for the Original Zombie is shrouded in mystery. Donn was secretive to the point of obsession about his drink recipes. Bartenders had to keep little books with the recipes in code, and they were sworn to secrecy.

The Zombie was served at the 1939 New York World’s Fair, and gained popularity FAST! Many bartenders at other Tiki Bars tried to imitate the Zombie, and just mixed up rum and fruit juices hoping for the best.

Jeff “the Beachbum” Berry is a Tiki Cocktail lover who spent years tracking down Bartender’s secret notes and interpreting them. The Result? The Original Zombie Recipe above.

Now you can make one in your own home.

The ‘Original’ Zombie Recipe

by Jeff “Beachbum” Berry

ZomJeff “Beachbum” Berry figured out Donn the Beachcomber’s Original Zombie Recipe by cracking the code in an bartender’s book. It took a lot of trial and error… but he got it right. Many will try to pass off something else as a Zombie, but once you’ve had this, you will never go back.

The recipe calls for some unusual ingredients like Cinnamon Syrup (basically Simple Syrup infused with Cinnamon) and Falernum (a ginger, clove and lime flavored syrup that may or may not contain Rum). You can find these in a well-stocked liquor store, or on Amazon. I also included links to recipes if you want to make them yourself.

If you want a REAL Zombie Cocktail.. Don’t skip or take a shortcut.


Best Zombie Cocktail Recipe

3/4 cup Crushed Ice

1 1/2 oz. Aged Jamaican Rum

1 1/2 oz. Gold Puerto Rican Rum

1 oz 151 Demarara Rum

3/4 oz. Lime Juice

2 tsp. White Grapefruit Juice

1 tsp. Cinnamon Syrup*

1 tsp. Grenadine

1/2 oz. Falernum**

1/8 tsp Pernod

1 dash aromatic Bitters

Ice Cubes

Mint Sprig for Garnish

Put all of the ingredient from crushed ice to Bitters in a blender. Blend until frothy … not slushy… about 5 seconds.

Pour over ice in a tall glass… garnish with mint.

Fee Brothers Falernum Cocktail Mixer: 32 oz

**What Is Falernum?

Clove and Spice Infused Rum

Falernum sounds like something you’d find in an anatomy textbook, not a bar…. but it’s an essential ingredient for lots of Tiki Drinks. It is a syrup, originally made from Rum, infused with Almonds, Cloves and Citrus. You can find it in the adult beverages section… or make your own!

It is possible to buy a non-alcoholic version of Falernum…. (but why?)


 Disney Trader Sams Zombie Shrunken Head White Mug Sourpuss Aloha Zombie Tiki Mug Sourpuss May I Be Frank Tiki Mug Frankenstein Tiki Mug Frankie’s Tiki Room Green Rockabilly Frankiestein

Mai Tai Recipe – How to Make a Mai Tai

how to make a mai tai

The Mai Tai Recipe is relatively straight forward… it doesn’t require a load of special tools.You mostly need Light Rum, Dark Rum, Orgeat syrup, Lime Juice, a few other easy to find ingredients, a basic lesson, and before you know it,  you will know how to make a Mai Tai.

Mai Tai’s make me feel like I’m on vacation, even when I’m in my own living room. The flavors (especially the Rum and the Rum) come together with a special taste of the islands, which is ironic, since the drink itself was created at Trader Vic’s in Oakland, California.

History of the Mai Tai

Where Did the Mai Tai Come From?

“Anybody who says I didn’t create the Mai Tai is a dirty rotten stinker”- Trader Vic

In 1944, Victor Bergeron, the founder of Trader Vic’s in Oakland, was playing around in his bar… mixing this and that. He wanted to create a new drink for his Tiki Bar. Vic started with 17 year old J Wray & Nephew Rum, added lime juice, orange curacao and some sugar syrup… he shook it with some crushed ice, and served it to a couple of freinds visiting from Tahiti.

They tasted it and said… “Maita’i roa ae!”! the Tahitian word for very good!

The name stuck, Mai Tai!

Others may claim to have invented it, but Trader Vic had it first.

Mai Tai Recipe

how to make a mai taiGarnish your drink with a fun paper umbrella or a slice of pineapple… and it’s a vacation in a glass.

The original Mai Tai was made with 17 year old J Wray & Nephew rum. (Chances are you won’t have any lying around because they don’t make it anymore…)

BUT all is not lost….

Combining light and dark rum will give you a wonderful depth of flavor that approximates the original.

This recipe makes one drink…. I know you might be tempted to up the amounts of alcohol, don’t… the balance of the recipe is perfect as it is. If you want more, make another.

mai tai
Mai Tai from Bahooka in the Ruffus Mug

Mai Tai Ingredients

1 oz. Light Rum

1 oz. Dark Rum

1/2 oz. Lime Juice

1/2 oz. Orange Curacao

1/4 oz. Simple Syrup

1/4 oz. Orgeat Syrup (an Almond Flavored Syrup… not ORANGE)

2 cups Crushed Ice

Put the Ice, light rum, dark rum, lime juice, orange curacao and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker. Give it a good shake.

Pour the contents (don’t strain out the ice) of the shaker into a groovy looking glass (or a double highball glass).

For Bonus Points… float an ounce of dark rum on top of your drink.

Garnish with Slice of Pineapple, Cherry or a twist of lime.


how to make a mai taiAmoretti Premium Syrup, Almond Orgeat, 25.4 Ouncehow to make a mai taiMonin Simple Syrup, Pure Cane, 33.8-Ounce Plastic Bottles (Pack of 4)how to make a mai taiTiki Style Mai Tai Mugs